Letter to the Coalition Government

The Coalition Government,

My name is Harrison Carter and I represent young people in Sheffield as a member of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament. I write to you today on behalf of those young people and others who agree with this message.  Young people admit that decisions which affect us cannot take priority over the Coalition’s promise to cut to deficit. However, we want to voice our concern that in doing so, youth issues will be allowed to slip through the cracks. This must not be allowed to happen.

Youth unemployment is something very important to us. Although adults with families to support and mortgages to pay are the main concern, young people must not be ignored. We are the workforce of the future and preparation now will benefit Britain’s economy later. What we need, is a commitment to set up more apprenticeships, training schemes, jobs and internships for the unemployed young.

University education to prepare for when the economy has improved is also important. A qualified, skilled and trained population of young people now, will benefit us all later. Opportunities must be available to make sure young people get the best jobs they can. A pledge for university education that is accessible to all young people is therefore vital.

Political reform and fairness are key promises made by the Coalition and are also important to the Youth Parliament and the young people we represent. Young people deserve to have a say in issues which affect them and we are capable of shouldering this responsibility.  We believe that the Coalition’s pledge for participation should not be a false or hollow promise. A promise to consider Votes at 16 as part of this political reform will deliver on that promise.

What we need is a partnership, where our issues are protected hand in hand with your Coalition programme. The things important to us must not slip through the cracks. Young People must not become the new Great Ignored. This will hurt us today and tomorrow. What we need is a more involved, supportive and fair society for young people.


Harrison Carter
Member of Youth Parliament for Sheffield
Member of Sheffield Youth Council
Co-Media Representative for Yorkshire & Humberside

Sign today, for a better tomorrow. Comment below.

Local MPs that support our campaign:

Clive Betts MP for Sheffield South East – “I am more than happy to support your campaign”

Meg Munn MP for Sheffield Heeley – “We as MPs could facilitate you passing this on to someone in government and therefore act to support your initiative”

David Blunkett MP for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough – “Campaigning against the draconian reductions is certainly in line with our thinking and our policies”


About HarryCarter

I'm Harry Carter and I represent young people as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament. I'm a young social activist, and I'm working to create a fairer, more supportive and more involved society.
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88 Responses to Letter to the Coalition Government

  1. Ben Porter says:

    Ben Porter

  2. Joe Vesey-Byrne says:

    Joe Vesey-Byrne

  3. Sam Cunliffe says:

    Sam Cunliffe.

    Great read, great idea. Keep up the good work!

  4. Danny Lee says:

    If there are drastic cuts, can we look at alternative compromise? We need to sit down with ministers, as elected representatives, have proper consultation with county and district council officials because some of the young services are important.

    I would like to make the link to the National Citizen Service, the Coalition arguing against big government, surely, it is something in the wrong direction and whereby at the grassroots level, youth workers and the like will only understand.

    I undersign,

    Danny Lee
    KYCC member (KYCC) | Kent Youth County Council
    Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) and co-UKYP South East media representative | UK Youth Parliament

  5. Kavita Donkersley-Khan says:


  6. Kavita Donkersley-Khan says:

    Woops, forgot to ‘sign my name’ – Kavita Donkersley-Khan
    Very impressive site!

  7. Conal O'Hare says:

    Signed Conal O’Hare
    PG for Northern Ireland

  8. Emily Gaines says:

    Emily Gaines

  9. Guy Seddon says:

    Guy Seddon

  10. Niall Taggart says:

    Signed Niall Taggart
    MYP for Northern Ireland

  11. Bethany Rushworth says:

    Bethany Rushworth

  12. Joel Wall says:

    Joel Wall

  13. Joe Hansen says:

    Good luck!

    Joe Hansen

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lauren Hill

  15. Joe Armer says:

    Joe Armer

    York Youth Councillor
    Member of Youth Parliament for York
    Co-Media Representative for Yorkshire and Humber

  16. Lauren Hill says:

    Lauren Hill

  17. Johnathan Crouch says:

    harrison is right, without the help of our local youth services, there would be more crime, there would be more people out of work and training aswell as youth being given a worse stereotype.
    there is alot of work that youth services do that no other organisation can do. Me and my constituents of Bradford would suffer as a result of the cut backs to the youth services of this country. i know that their is a recession at the moment and that cut backs have to be made, but cant we cut back on the beurocratic aspects.

    • Johnathan Crouch says:

      can i just add that i am also from the UK youth parliament

      Johnathan Crouch
      Deputy Member of Youth Parliament
      United Kingdom Youth Parliament

  18. Joe Rawling says:

    Joe Rawling

  19. olivia holbrow says:

    olivia holbrow

  20. Roma Virk says:

    Roma Virk

  21. Nafisah Atcha says:

    fully support this letter! keep it up!
    you have my backing

    Nafisah Atcha
    PG for the North West

  22. Mathew Tyrer says:

    I completely agree with each ad every statement 🙂

  23. Hannah Lewis says:

    Hannah Lewis 🙂

  24. Funmi Abari says:

    Harry! this site is very impressive wow, I must fix myself up with one of these!
    brilliant letter; covers all that needs covering!
    one thing, I disagree with votes @ 16…
    Godd luck with this letter, I’ll get more representatives to sign! x
    Funmi Abari

  25. Mark Holmes says:

    Mark Holmes.

  26. stacey higgins says:

    stacey higgins

  27. Emily Green says:

    Emily Green. 🙂

  28. Al Berry says:

    I’m doing some work regarding youth unemployment and engagement in the economy. Let me know if you are interested Harry and i will give you the low down. Our operations are taking place in the USA, Canada and Chile at the moment, and i am kick starting the project in the EU and some commonwealth countries. It is pretty exciting and if we could tie it into UKYP work it could be beneficial for both organisations. ukyouthchamber@usyouthchamber.com is my email address if you fancy a chat!

    Al Berry
    MYP (leeds)

  29. Iola Hughes says:

    Signed Iola Hughes
    MYP South East

  30. Richard Achahboun says:

    Richard Achahboun

  31. Emma Chadwick says:

    Emma Chadwick
    MYP – Leeds

  32. Abby Morley says:

    Abby Morley

  33. Sonia Sanghera says:

    Signed Sonia Sanghera
    PG for Yorkshire & Humberside

  34. Emma Singleton says:

    Emma Singleton 🙂

  35. Matthew Lynch says:

    Matthew Lynch

  36. Josh Harsant says:

    Nice job, Harry!

    Josh Harsant
    MYP for Reading, SE

  37. Jane Hart says:

    Jane Hart

  38. Pritesh Nathubhai says:

    Pritesh Nathubhai.

  39. Poppy Johnson says:

    Poppy Johnson

  40. Jayde Tunnacliffe says:

    Jayde Tunnacliffe

  41. Aimee Coles says:

    Well done on your hard work. One point I do feel I should stress though is as a 16 year old, I believe we shouldn’t even consider votes at 16 UNTIL we get political education and proof that it’s working.

  42. Jayde Tunnacliffe says:

    Jayde Tunnacliffe.

    Good work, Harry!

  43. Ellie Vesey-Thompson says:

    Ellie Vesey-Thompson
    MYP East Wiltshire

  44. David Edward says:

    David Edward

  45. Cristina Carter says:

    Cristina Carter

    well done Haz! 🙂

  46. Sammy Campbell says:

    Sammy Campbell

    with love from Croatia x

  47. Mike Smith says:

    Mike Smith

  48. Chris Carter says:

    Chris Carter

  49. Richard Hollingworth says:

    Richard Hollingworth

  50. Sam Boot says:

    Sam Boot

  51. Andrew Dwyer says:

    Andrew Dwyer

    The cuts are possibly one of the worst threats this country has faced in its modern history. It must be remembered that under Margaret Thatcher’s government (1979-1990) that there were no overall budget cuts but that there was a rise in expenditure. This goes against many preconceptions about the period. This makes now even more important as we are going to suffer real-terms cuts to our public services. ‘We’re all in this together’ slogan of the Con-Lib Coalition is not a true representation of what many studies, including the Office of Budget Responsibility’s own reports, have shown. Those on lower incomes are the ones which are going to be the most hard-hit. These people rely on public services more than any other groups and thus although there will be minimal increases in their collective personal income. The actual cost of the cuts to these people is going to be severe due to the loss of the public services which they rely on.

    Concerning Young Peoples’ Services in general there is an evident tightening of budgets above all else. This has being shown in Sheffield currently with approximately £3mil being cut off youth services. This is not an isolated case. In North Yorkshire, in Harry’s region, there has been cuts to the Childrens and Young Peoples budget of around £14mil. This is going to lead to disasterous depletion of an already infrastructurally weak youth provision service. It is inevitable that programmes are going to be cut now and in the future unless solidarity is shown.

    I applaud Harry on his efforts to save services for young people; not only in his Sheffield constituency, in his region, but nationally. We need to come together. We need solidarity: comradeship in this time. The Coalition needs to understand.

  52. Connor Morgan says:

    Connor Morgan

    MYP for Northern Ireland

    Media Rep for Northern Ireland

  53. Joe Keir says:

    Joe Keir
    (Central Bedfordshire MYP)

  54. Jake Cook says:

    Jake Cook

  55. Barbara Vesey says:

    Barbara Vesey

  56. Matthew Percy says:

    Matthew Percy,

    Member of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP) for Suffolk

  57. Tim Jennings says:

    Tim Jennings MYP for Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

  58. Susie says:

    Susanna Dobson

  59. sophie house says:

    i sign 🙂

    sophie house

    finally worked out how

  60. Asma Butt says:

    Well Done 🙂 and the best of luck!

  61. Aisha Nageen says:

    Aisha Nageen, Sheffield MYP

  62. Holly Buxton says:

    This is great Harry, keep up the amazing work =)
    Well done, its a great letter with a clear, powerful message.
    What would Y&H, and Young People everywhere, do without you.

    Signed: Holly Buxton
    Member Of Youth Parliament For Wakefield (Yorkshire and Humberside)
    Member Of Wakefield Youth Council

  63. Siobhan Brasier says:

    Siobhan Brasier 🙂

  64. Stephanie Peacock says:

    Stephanie Peacock

  65. Rob Cook says:

    Rob Cook

  66. Umair Aslam says:

    Umair Aslam

  67. Aydan Greatrick says:

    Great letter Harry! I’ve posted it into my latest blog.

    Aydan Greatrick
    DMYP for North, West & Torridge, Devon
    South West Media Representative

  68. Jack Needham says:

    Jack Needham

  69. Tia De La Mare says:

    Tia De La Mare

  70. Olivia Sanders says:

    Olivia Sanders
    MYP for Kirklees.

  71. Holly Feeney says:

    Holly Feeney

  72. Matt Podbury says:

    Employment in the youth sector is massively important and an area that should not be cut back on. The UK prides itself on making training and employment opportunities abundant for young people. Just look across the Channel to France to see the huge problems there caused by youth unemployment. Under investment in training schemes and a huge lack of job opportunities has led to one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Europe. Do we really want to follow suit in the UK? University is something that I have been lucky enough to experience. All the way back in 1997, I had to work a 34 hr week as well as study to fund my course. 13 years later, it is much, much more difficult for our young people to not only gain access to a suitable course, but to pay off what has become a “mini mortgage” at the start of their working lives. This government must ensure that it does all it can to support and promote British youth development and Harry Carter is undoubtedly committed to this cause.

  73. Joe Johnson says:

    Joe Johnson

  74. Luke Porter says:

    Luke Porter

  75. Dominic George says:

    Dominic George

  76. Sarandip Singh Batt says:

    Sarandip Singh Batt

    Former:- DMYP, MViP, Exec Member ViP, Member of the BCC Scrutiny Cttee on Children and Education, Chair of the HGS Council, Chair of HGS Council Exec Cttee, Member of the Handsworth and Sandwell1 NF, Member of LEH NF, Perry Barr Youth Forum, PerryBarr YOF and YCF Panels. Member of the Labour Party. Youth and Student Policy Officer. Propspective Councillor. Young Mayor Award 2009. Pride of Handsworth Award 2010. Gold ASDAN

  77. Sarandip Singh Batt says:

    Rectification on one of my awards:- Mayor of Birmingham Award 2009

  78. Barbara Vesey says:

    Here’s hoping we can make a difference!

  79. Manraj Mander says:

    Manraj Mander

    Member of Youth Parliament for Birmingham
    Chair of the UKYP West Midlands Region

  80. Alice Butler says:

    Good luck Harry 🙂

    Alice Butler

  81. john Campbell says:

    Add my name to the petition.

    John Campbell Cllr

  82. councillor Ibrar Hussain says:

    Ibrar Hussain – City Councillor

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  84. Oli Phillips says:

    Oli Phillips
    National Representative for the West Midlands | UK Youth Parliament

  85. Pingback: Young People Question their MPs | Harry Carter, Sheffield MYP

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