Support for Young Carers

Harry has been invited to give an update on the regional UKYP campaign he co-ordinates about the specific target of introducing young carer’s cards.

Young Carer’s cards are pieces of identification for those who look after older relatives who suffer from illness, alcohol or substance abuse. The card can be presented to a teacher and can confirm the young carer’s specific needs. This allows the teacher to put in place necessary provision to support the young carer, giving them a fairer chance at attaining their full potential.

The presentation will be tracking the progress of the campaign to young carers, at an event held in Sheffield. So far, the target of introducing a young carer’s card has been met in Kirklees and several local authorities across the region.

Harry stated “Young carers make a huge contribution to society as they support those they love most. Through the carrying out of essential home tasks, to acting as a parent to younger siblings, cooking them dinner and preparing them for bed, young carers display a level of maturity superior to most others around them.

It is an honour to serve such selfless people who save the tax payer millions through providing care for free, being aware of the particular needs of those they support and having an emotional attachment with them, as opposed to finding care service providers that offer a ‘one size fits all’ care giving programme full of ambiguity on ability to deliver on commitments. Support not money should be the key objective.

Hopefully this young carers card can go a small way to supporting these admirable supporters in our community”

Further to the campaign, Harry will be supporting young carers by lobbying government to back the Carers Identity and Support Bill in Parliament, and to continue to provide help for young carers wherever possible, what with cuts to public services currently being undertaken.


About HarryCarter

I'm Harry Carter and I represent young people as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament. I'm a young social activist, and I'm working to create a fairer, more supportive and more involved society.
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