Harry’s Priorities for Summer 2011

As a passionate social activist, Harry is committed to using to his Summer to do more for the people he represents. Working to achieve a fairer, more involved, and more supportive society were the terms on which you elected Harry, and the standard by which he measured everyone of his campaigns. With Summer approaching fast, Harry has set out his three priorities for bettering the lives of young people.

“Greater Youth Rights, Greater Democracy and Greater Support for the Vulnerable”

Greater Youth Rights

In January 2011, Harry achieved a ban on the Mosquito Device on all Council buildings in Sheffield. This great step against such a draconian device was part of a movement to have the rights of young people recognised. Individual, activist driven campaigns to ban the device in Sheffield, Kirklees and Kent were each their own mark of success for young people. However, Harry has always endeavoured to take this campaign national. The UK Coordinator of the “Bite Back” Campaign Oli Phillips has asked Harry to join him in a meeting in August with representatives from the Home Office. There, he and Oli will present a case for a nation-wide ban of the Mosquito Device. The bans upheld by several cities make a national ban the next natural step in this progressive movement.

Greater Democracy

Harry has already announced his intention to hold Joint-Surgeries with Sheffield’s MYPs, Youth Councillors and Members of Parliament. These face to face meetings with young people and their politicians will be held in June and July and will provide a unique chance for the city’s young people to question their representatives. MPs David Blunkett, Clive Betts, Meg Munn and Angela Smith have already confirmed their involvement in this project. Harry believes Joint-Surgeries will present the kind of accountability that is rarely offered to young people.

On July 22nd, Harry will travel to Leeds for UKYP’s Annual Sitting. Here, he and other MYPs will plan their campaigns for the next year. On August 5th in Manchester, Harry will attend the British Youth Council Conference. Following the move of responsibility for UKYP to the British Youth Council, Harry will attend this convention of like minded individuals who are all in the business of improving democracy for young people.

Greater Support for the Vulnerable

Locally, Harry will be working on the young carers campaign. On May 14th at the UKYP Regional Sitting, local MPs, and the Leader of Sheffield City Council promised support for the cause, and for the work of the Youth Parliament in recognising an un-represented group of young people in society. In partnership with other local groups involved in this campaign Harry will set about agreeing pilot schools for the card, working in consultation with young carers to finalise design, and with the council to seek funding.

The Sheffield Regional meeting commits to the Young Carers Campaign

“Despite exams beginning, and preparation for university taking place, I’m going to use my summer to work on these three priorities important to me, and the young people I represent. I believe that young people are starting to be recognised as a legitimate part of our society, one which deserves to be heard. Our maturity is evident through our participation, and I do not want to waste the progress we’ve made. I am committed to greater democracy, youth rights and support for the vulnerable” – Harry MYP


About HarryCarter

I'm Harry Carter and I represent young people as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament. I'm a young social activist, and I'm working to create a fairer, more supportive and more involved society.
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