Sheffield Hosts UK Riots Question Time

On September 29th, Harry Carter will be a panellist in a Question Time type event held at the Circle in Sheffield. The two hour event (10am-12pm) will bring together experts in the voluntary sector, who have real experience working with young people.

Everyone witnessed the UK Riots and saw communities, businesses and lives across the country torn apart. Thankfully, Sheffield’s young people were commendable for resisting any urge to cause violence in their local neighbourhoods. The panel will be taking questions and drawing on their own experience with young people. There will be a particular focus on what the voluntary sector can do in what Involve Yorkshire and Humber describe as a “divided society”.

Harry intends to bring to the discussion his first hand experience in representing young people. His three years as an MYP have given him an insight into the great work young people can do when they’re involved in re-building their local community. Harry has a mandate from the young people in Sheffield to promote this principle because of the opposition they’ve all shown towards the riots happening elsewhere. Furthermore, days after the riots, Harry visited Croydon and spoke directly to young people, who had been caught up in the events. He plans to share the detailed feedback gathered there as well as from the research he’s done in Leicester working with young people to re-shape their communities.

Harry will also bring his core beliefs in fairness, responsibility and most importantly a sense of duty. He stated that “We have to recognise that there is a problem to solve. These riots did not happen because of a broken society or moral breakdown. To call it this shirks responsibility and implies there’s no solution. I believe that the choice to commit violence and vandalism was foremost opportunism – a belief that others are getting away with this, so will I. Sheffield proves however, that a sense of duty towards where you live and your neighbours, prevents violence towards that community.”

The panel’s audience will be made up of representatives from institutions in both the public and private sector, who work with young people, as well as volunteers and youth workers. Harry and the other panellists hope to influence how these organisations proceed over the coming months which is crucial to preventing these sorts of opportunistic riots from happening again.

For information on booking a ticket and attending, click here.


About HarryCarter

I'm Harry Carter and I represent young people as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament. I'm a young social activist, and I'm working to create a fairer, more supportive and more involved society.
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