About Harry


Member of the UK Youth Parliament for Sheffield
Term: 5 February 2009-2012 

Member of the Sheffield Youth Council
Term: 5 February 2009-2012

UKYP Media Rep for Yorkshire & Humberside
Term: 24 May 2010–2011

Local Representative for Bite Back Campaign
Term: August 2010-Feb 2012

Associate Research Assistant
DeMontfort University, Centre for Social Action

Employed Since: June 2009

Harry Carter is a young activist, and current Member of the UK Youth Parliament for Sheffield, elected in 2009 and again in 2010 to represent all young people in the city and to lead national campaigns to better their lives.

Born in 1993, Harry attended Meadowhead Secondary School from 2004-2009, where he began his career in leading young people, first as Head Boy of the school’s Pupil Mentoring system, and then as a member of the European Youth Parliament and of the Children’s International Summer Village (CISV) organisation. These roles encouraged Harry to go further with working for young people, a group under represented in Britain and internationally.

Having excelled in and enjoyed these responsibilities, Harry chose to stand for the UK Youth Parliament, an organisation set up in 1998 to represent young people, voted for by 11-18s across the country. Elected in February of 2009, Harry used his position as one of 600 elected MYPs, to launch campaigns to increase political participation and to improve health care provision for young people. These are two examples of Harry’s core belief that responsibility should be used to create a fairer, more involved and more supportive society for everyone. His work in his first term was recognised widely and led to meetings with the Clinical Advisor to the Chief Medical Officer, the House of Commons Transport Select Committee and the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit at 10 Downing Street.

In October 2009 the Youth Parliament made history as the first body to sit in the House of Commons other than regular MPs. Harry represented all young political activists on BBC News 24 and on Radio 4’s Today Programme, where he championed their ability to become involved in serious debate and mature participation in politics.

Harry was re-elected in 2010 and set about expanding his campaign work into the areas of reforming tuition fees, abolishing the mosquito device and introducing votes at 16. His 2 year term so far has seen him launch a serious challenge to the Coalition’s economic policies which he believes disproportionately disadvantage young people, for the simple reason that they are unable to express themselves through the ballot box. His “Letter to the Coalition” has received wide approval and support from local MPs and Councillors.

He currently studies Medicine at University.


One Response to About Harry

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Harry,

    just caught up with an email from Sarah Stevens about your wonderful work as a young activist, just loved your letter to the coalition govt and repsonses you’ve had. You won’t know me but I’m the new Chair of SheffileldFutures and I establshed lots of youth programmes when I worked in central govt, Millennium Volunteers, Connexions, myplace, getting more money for youth work and positive activities, mobile youth units and so on. Part of my vision for Sheffield Futures is for it to be more oriented to what young people say they need, so lots more listening. We’re doing a review over the summer of our youth centres so if you’d like to be involved please contact Sarah Stevens. Btw, my other half is called Harry and he is a Doctor, what a weird coincidence, you need probs A’s in all 3 but defs in Chemistry…keep up the good work and hope to meet you soon.

    Anne Weinstock

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