Harry seeks to engage all young people in the work he does. Here he will publish his activities, speeches, articles and transcripts of recent work he’s done, all so that he can remain accountable to you.

Harry’s Diary –

See who Harry’s been meeting, and where he’s been travelling to on MYP and social activist work.

Harry’s Diary 2012 (Jan-March)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (December)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (November)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (October)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (September)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (August) 

Harry’s Diary 2011 (July)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (June) 

Harry’s Diary 2011 (May)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (April)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (March)

Harry’s Diary 2011 (Jan-Feb)

Harry’s Diary 2010

Harry’s Letters –

Read the letters Harry’s received and sent in his campaigns for UKYP

Letter to the Coalition Government – Petition to Protect Young People

EMA and the Pupil Premium – Letter to Education Minister

Equality for Young People – Harry’s letter to the Equality Minister

The Mosquito Campaign (Letters)

Letter to Primary Crimary Trusts – Young Carers

Threat to a Full Education – DfE Responds to Harry’s Letter to Michael Gove MP

Help for 16 Year Olds Wanting Work – Harry contacts the Deputy Prime Minister

The Young Carers Campaign (Letters)

Youth Justice Board Campaign

Questions on Youth Unemployment – DWP

Photostream –

See the latest photos of Harry at work

Flickr- Harry’s Pictures

Articles and Speeches –

View the policies and beliefs Harry’s put to the public.

Asylum Rights & Wrongs – Harry’s Report

Belfast 2010 Diary

Belfast 2010 – Loudspeaker Magazine

Belfast 2010 – Youth Parliament Makes History in Northern Ireland

Big Society Agenda – Media Responses

BNP – Harry’s message to Group members about the BNP

Campaign Literature – Protecting Young People

Centre for Social Action newsletter 2011

Child Poverty – for Child Poverty Action Group

Children and Young People Services Award 2010

The Classroom of Today – Children’s Commissioner Report

Croydon Report – August 2011

Croydon Research Results

Debate Lead Election Speech (House of Commons 2011) 2011

Elections 2010 for UK Youth Parliament

Elections 2010 for UK Youth Parliament (2)

Elections 2010 for UK Youth Parliament (3)

Future of Aviation – House of Commons Transport Select Committee 2009

Globalisation Statement (Transcript) – The Independent, March 2010

Health Care and Social Research, Involving Children and Young People – Jennie Flemming (ed.)

House of Commons 2010 – Vote on Campaigns by MYPs

House of Commons 2011 – Graduate Tax Speech (Transcript)

Joint Surgery with Clive Betts MP – Record of Discussion

Joint Surgery with David Blunkett MP – Record of Discussion

Joint Surgery with Angela Smith MP – Record of Discussion

International Child Health Group – Newsletter summer 2010

Interview with Harry and “Me in the Media”

Interview with Harry and Yannick Tona (Transcript)

Liberal Youth Document

Mosquito Ban – Youth Success – The Star

Mosquito Ban – British Youth Council Case Study

Mosquito Campaigning – Children’s Rights Alliance for England

Passenger Transport Executive Group – Guest Blog

Politics Forum – Participation

Putting Victims First

Riots in the UK – Harry speaks to Croydon’s Young People

Riots in the UK – Tim Loughton MP (Speech) 

Riots in the UK – Sheffield Futures Youths Call for Calm in the City

Sheffield Protests – Lib Dem Conference 2011

Teen Health Summit 2009 – Delegate Register

UKYP Award for 2009-2010 Service

UKYP Budget and Costs

Response to the Review of Higher Education and Student Finance in England – October 2010

Young Carers Campaign – VOYCE Hubs Event Summary

Young Carers – Jan 2011 (Speech/Harry’s notes)

Youths Speaking Out – the Star 16.03.2011


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